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Before we see how this eccentric enchanter's next experiment went,
we should keep an eye on what the king was doing.
He made a bee-line for the zoo, where his friend Norbert was exercising the sea lions.
"If I'm going to put an end to this evil enchanter's plot, I need assistance!" he said.
Then they saw something eerie. An enormous grey E was charging towards them, trumpeting.
"An elephant", explained Ellen the magpie, speeding by."The wizard has been here already! That brown E is an eland and the white one an egret."
Edita the warthog passed by, snuffling.
"Emergency! My Ernie's going to have to spend the rest of his life as an E!"
"Take it easy, everyone", said Kalinko, "Cheer up, Edita, these animals won't remain enchanted very long since they do not resemble an E in the first place. Besides, there'll be no escape for this exasperating sorcerer in the end. We'll make him free them all from his spells!"
"Why did he need so many Es?" Ellen wondered.
The answer came as a surprise:
"Easy-peasy! E is the most-used letter in the alphabet!"
Zettelwitz had been hiding nearby and eavesdropping. He didn't need any more egging on . . .
He made a sweep with his magic wand.

Eeny, meeny, teeny wee - Ellen must become an E!


Ellen made a very elegant E!
"How exciting, now I have fourteen letters", grinned Zettelwitz.

O K Z A M    B T P L Q

Elegant Ellen chanced to meet
A wizard who thought she'd look sweet
As an E high in the trees.
She'd rather fly around with ease!

Ellen Elster

Little Egret
Little Egret by Jill Adams

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