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"Not again", groaned King Kalinko.
After yet another trick by Zettelwitz, Kalinko was not prepared to take any more nonsense.
Norbert nodded and grinned. "He must think we're a right pair of noodles! Now we know where he is hiding."
"It's no good", frowned the king, annoyed.
"We're never going to catch him this way! If only we could part him from his magic wand!"
"Never mind", said Norbert, nonchalantly. If he won't negotiate, we'll just have to wait until he nods off.
Then we'll get hold of him." He found everything rather funny.
By now, it was late afternoon and the first nightjars were calling. Zettelwitz decided he'd been sitting in the tree
for long enough. He conjured up a fog so that no-one would notice him nipping nimbly down from the tree.
Now, naturally the downside of the fog was that he couldn't navigate the neighbourhood very well himself.
He heard a sneeze. There was somebody nestling there right under his nose! Zettelwitz crept nearer.
It was Norbert, the king's jester and friend, napping with his knees drawn up to his chin.
"Well I never! Like an N!", grinned Zettelwitz.

Ninny, nanny, nab-a-man! Norbert, be an N!


Now Norbert was an N and number seventeen.
"Nothing can stop me now, I'm winning the game", announced Zettelwitz.

O K Z A M    B T P L Q
G J C E W    V N

Norbert, next time, use your noddle!
No use to us your getting nobbled.
It's best to nap with open eyes
When there's a magic wand nearby.

Fiery-necked Nightjar
Fiery-necked Nightjar by Jill Adams

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