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The rebellious ragtag bunch of animals received a terrible surprise.
With an enormous jump Zettelwitz escaped their grip - once again! - and ran away.
He headed rapidly in the direction of the local restaurant for a dinner of roasted spare ribs and a glass of red wine.
He was looking forward to a richly-deserved rest after all that rigorous running around.
To his regret, his retreat didn't go as planned. Red Ronya was barricading his escape route. Ronya was a regular at the zoo, where she liked to observe the birds.
When she heard the racket, she came running and saw the ravaged ruins.
In a rage she roared, "You reckless rascal!" and shook him until his teeth rattled.
Ronja reached for the magic wand. The guttural call of a Robin-chat spurred her on: "Just grab the thing!".
Zettelwitz only just managed to retain it.
With a heavy heart and full of regret he pointed the wand at her and rasped the magic words:

Raspberries and currant tarts - Ronya dear, become an R!     


Ronya remained on the spot in the form of an R !
"Poor Ronya", sighed Zettelwitz. "I'm so sorry. All the same, I now have twenty-two letters."

O K Z A M   B T P L Q
G J C E W    V N I F D

Transforming Ronya leaves me saddened
I really rather wish I hadn't.
Perhaps I should rethink my plan
And show that I'm a reformed man!

Rote Ronja

Cape Robin-Chat
Cape Robin-Chat by Jill Adams

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