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Lila Lilie, click for animation 9 Lovely Lily   L l

Lilies and Lachenalias bloomed lavishly around a bubbling spring. What a lovely sight!
They were reflected in a lake where leaping frogs lived. The light was mellow.
Little lizards lazed in the sun, a lark sat nearby and a Blacksmith Lapwing was guarding her eggs in the grass.
Alas and alack, even this delightful lake wasn't left in peace.
Zettelwitz the wizard was lurking nearby, listening in on the luckless local creatures.
A flock of geese had just landed. They were waddling slowly towards the lilies.
"Hello, lovely lily", one of them said lazily, lunging at the lily and latching on with his beak.
"You look luscious. I'm longing to find out if you taste delicious too."
"Let go, you ludicrous lout!" lisped the lily.
It was no use lamenting! The bird had plucked the flower loose. A cackling laugh made the goose turn pale.
"Excellent! That really is the limit," called Zettelwitz in a brilliant mood.
"With only one leaf left, this lily is a look-alike for an L! - So long, lily!"

Lollipops and pimpernel - Lovely Lily, be an L!


All that was left of the lily was a lilac-coloured L.
"Now we have nine letters," smiled Zed. "3 X 3 = 9!"

O K Z A M    B T P L

Lovely lily near the lake,
You lost your bloom in Zettel's wake.
There's just one leaf left on your stem,
We hope that you will grow again!

Lila Lilie

Cape Clapper Lark Blacksmith Lapwing
Cape Clapper Lark and Blacksmith Lapwing
von Jill Adams

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