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Zauberer Zettelwitz
Deutscher Text
by Rosemarie Breuer

Welcome to Table Mountain Wizard

Zettelwitz the wizard
English text
Translation by Alison Kirkland and the author

King Kalinko lives here with his friends, dogs and cats
Painting by Hérine Fourie

White-backed, Red-faced  and Speckled Mousebird
White-backed, Red-faced and Speckled Mousebird
by Jill Adams

Special edition
Afrikaans- English

3 books in one: 1.German or Afrikaans; 2. English and 3. a first bird book introducing birds of the Western Cape.
These are special editions of outstanding quality print. Numbered and signed by the author.
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Kindle in Deutsch und Englisch

The kindle versions in German and English:

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