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Japie de Villiers Heese

1901 - 1965

Japie de Villiers Heese

Author of several books and theatre production scripts

Jacob de Villiers Heese (Japie) was born on 14 September 1901 in Paarl. He was the brother of Kallie Heese and Johannes Heese.
He passed away on 31 December 1965 in Stellenbosch.
Teacher in, amongst other towns, Graaff-Reinet and Bloemfontein. Later lecturer in Education at Stellenbosch University for more than 30 years until his death in 1965.


Besondere Erepenning i.v.m. die Voortrekkerbeweging 1951

List of Publications:

His earliest published work included theatre production scripts such as:

1922:  Die Simpel Seun
1926:  Die Houtkapperskind
Unknown date:  Jan Lustig
translation from the original Nederlands work by J.A. de Groot - Nasionale Pers, 1934
Performed at the Sentrale HoŽrskool in Bloemfontein.

Unknown date:  Onder die Indiane
translation from the original Nederlands work by Toon Jansen - Van Schaik, 1935
Performed at the Sentrale HoŽrskool in Bloemfontein.

Unknown date:  Slabbert se skoonseun
This was performed at the HoŽrskool Overkruin in Pretoria in 1989

His poems include:
1925:  By die Aalwyn and De Afgevaardigde
these were rewarded with prizes in Ons Land se Kerstnummer of December 1925

1929:  Bessie die By , Die Kleinspan - Die kinders se Huisgenoot - 14 June 1929. This is one of many such contributions to Die Kleinspan.
Contributions to youth literature include:
1933:  By die ou murasie, J.L. van Schaik Ltd

Educational books include:
1933:   Burgerkunde, Nasionale Pers
1937:   Praatjies oor Burgerkunde, Nasionale Pers
1940:   "Natuur en Landbousessies" series (Co-author: G.H. van Rooyen), Nasionale Pers.
1940 - 1950:   "Silwerboom" Reading Book Series (Co-authors: Truida Pohl and H. de Vos) - Nasionale Pers
1941:   Die gebruik van Druk en Lopende Skrif, Nasionale Pers.

Japie de Villiers Heese was the first General Secretary and the third "Hoofleier" of the Voortrekker youth movement. His Voortrekkerbooks include:

1940:   Die Voortrekkers en ander Suid-Afrikaanse Jeugbewegings, Nasionale Pers
1941:   Van Penkop tot Hoofleier - lewensskets van N.J. van der Merwe, eerste hoofleier van die Voortrekkers, Nasionale Pers
1942:   Ons Hou Koers, Nasionale Pers
1944:   Twaalf Toneelstukkies vir Voortrekkers, Nasionale Pers

Text by Hester van Dijk, hessie@vandijks.com, daughter of the author

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