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Koek en Geniet Ia de Villiers celebrating 50 years of her book

Ina de Villiers

S. J. A. de Villiers

1919 - 2010

Author of South Africa's most famous cook book

Stoffelina Johanna Adriana (Ina) de Villiers was born on 24 February 1919. She studied Home Economics at the University of Stellenbosch.
Ina wrote her first cook and kitchen guide to help young women. When she did not find a publisher, she and her husband, Japie de Villiers, a geologist, published the book themselves with the help of Mattie Jooste, in 1951.
It became a great success and was never out of print. In 1961 she published the English translation, Cook and Enjoy It, which was equally successful.
Ina and Japie had two daughters, Eunice and Heleen.
Ina retired from her own publishing business in 1990, and the book is now produced by Human & Rousseau.
In November 2009, Human & Rousseau published an updated edition of Cook and Enjoy, which Ina's daughter, Eunice van der Berg, a home economist like her mother, modernised where necessary without losing the essence of the original version.
In May 2010 Ina received the ATKV Afrikroon price.
Ina de Villiers lived in Stellenbosch. She died on 20 September 2010 at the age of 91.Cook and Enjoy


Kook En Geniet
Die Klein Kook en Geniet, (co-author: her daughter, Eunice van der Berg)

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