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Geisorrhiza splendidissima
Geisorrhiza splendidissima
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Kole Omotoso

Kole Omotoso

Author of novellas, short stories, plays, historical novels, and other books
Professor at the Drama Department, Stellenbosch University
Well known throughout South Africa as the yebo gogo man, the sardonic roadside salesman in the TV commercial

Bankole Ajibabi Omotoso was born in 1943, into a traditional êlite Yoruba family in Akure, Nigeria.
He studied at the University of Ibadau, Nigeria (BA Hons) and obtained a PhD in Arabic Literature with a thesis on the modern Arabic novelist and playwright, Ahmad Ba-Kathhir, at the University of Edinburgh in 1972.
1972 - 1976: Lecturer at the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Ibadau, Nigeria
1976 - 1988: Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Drama and Director of the Life University Theatre (now Obafemi Awolowo University)
1989 - 1990: Visiting Professor, English Department, University of Stirling, Scotland.
1990 August to December: Visiting Professor, English Departement, University of Lesotho Roma, Lesotho
1991: Tawala Theatre, London
1991- 2000: Professor, English Department, University of the Western Cape
2001: Professor at the Drama Department, Stellenbosch University
When his historical novel about Nigeria, Just before Dawn, caused a storm of controversy, Kole found life in his country intolerable and he left for South Africa. Kole is married and has three children.

List of books:

The Edifice, 1972
Just before Dawn
Season of Migration, 1994
and others

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