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Jan L. Sadie

1918 - 2005

Jan Sadie

Author of academic books
Professor of Economics at Stellenbosch University, 1951 - 1983

Johannes Lodewikus (Jan) Sadie was born on 8 July 1918, at Langebaan. He matriculated from Franschhoek High School and studied at:
Stellenbosch University (SU), Nederlandsche Economische Hoogeschool (now Erasmus University, Rotterdam), University of Cambridge and London School of Economics.
Academic Degrees: B.Comm (SU 1940), M.Comm (SU 1942), Ec.Dr. (Rotterdam 1949), D.Comm (SU 2000)
Honorary doctorates from the Universities of Port Elizabeth, Stellenbosch and UNISA.
Jan Sadie was fond of music and opera and liked to invite his friends to live performances by well known musicians in his home. He was married to Betty Haarsme (she died in 2002) and had a daughter and three grandchildren. Jan Sadie died on 30 April 2005, at Stellenbosch.

Academic career
1942-1949: Lecturer and Senior Lecturer of Economics
1950-1983: Professor of Economics, Stellenbosch University
1973-1983: Director of Stellenbosch University, Bureau for Economic Research
1987-1995: Professor extraordinary of Economic Demography, University of Pretoria

International Exposure:
1952-1953: Research Officer, Population Division, United Nations, New York
1960-1961: Demographic adviser of the United Nations at the Centro Latina America de Demografia (CELADE), Santiago-de-Chile.
1963: Visiting professor in the Netherlands.
1966: Advisor to the Rhodesian government on Economic Planning for Economic Development.
1967: Adviser to the Rhodesian Treasury on the reform of their system of taxation.
1973: Research at the International Labour Office, Geneva.
1975-1976: Visiting professor in Belgium and Germany.
1988-1989: Chairman of the Committee on the Financial Relations between the first and second tier government in South West Africa/Namibia.

Extra-academic functions in South Africa:
1954-1955: Economic Adviser to the Tomlinson Commission of Enquiry into the socio-economic development of the Black Homelands.
1958: Demographic Adviser to the Du Toit Commission on the White occupancy of the rural areas.
1968-1969: Adviser to the Franszen Commission on Fiscal and Monetary Policy in South Africa.
1964-1971: Adviser, Industrial Economics Division, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.
1970-1971: President, Economic Society of South Africa.
1969-1980: Member of the Committee on Demographic Research of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC).
1980-1981: Member of the Advisory Committee on Fertility Surveys.
1980-1982: Member of the Buthelezi Commission. Member of the Board of the HSRC.
1975-1986: Member of the Statistics Advisory Council.
1991: Consultant to the Central Statistical Service with regard to the 1991 Population Census.
President, Demographic Association of South Africa
Member of the South African National Gallery Board of Trustees
Member of Committees of: Affordable Material Provision (HSRC), Chairman; Longterm expenditure guidelines for the provision of housing; Conditions of sale and rent of dwellings in government schemes.

1971 Stals prize for Economics (SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns)
1984 Percy Fox Foundation Achievement Award
1991 Salus gold medal of the Department of National Health and Population Development 1980-86
Receiver of a grant from the HSRC to establish a Research Unit for Economic Demography


Some 132 Articles in professional journals and Research Papers
Westerse Bevolkingsneiginge, Universiteitsuitgewers en Boekhandelaars, Stellenbosch (U.U.B.), 1949
Buitelandse Kapitaalbelegging in Suid-Afrika, Nederlandsche Drukkerij, 1949
Inleiding tot die Bevolkingsvraagstuk (co-author G.G. Franszen), U.U.B., 1950
Población y mano de obra de Chile, CELADE, Santiago-de-Chile, 1962
Análisis demografico del estado de la educación en la América Latina, CELADE, 1962
Population and Labour, Department of Economics, SU, 1967
Report on Economic Planning in Rhodesia, Rhodesian Government, 1973
Labour Demand and Supply, Kosmo Publishers, 1980
Economic Prospects, Bureau for Economic Research, 1987
A reconstruction and projection of demographic movements in the RSA and TBVC countries, (Bureau for Market Research - Research Report No 148), 1988
The South African Labour Force (Bureau for Market Research - Research Report No 178), 1991
A Projection of the South African Population: 1991-2011 (Bureau for Market Research - Research Report No 196), 1993
Projections of the South African Labour Force: 1991-2011 (co-author J.H. Martins) (Bureau for Market Research - Research Report No 208), 1994
The Fall and Rise of the Afrikaner in the South African Economy (Annals of the Stellenbosch University), 2002

Information by Jan Sadie, April 2004

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