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Gertrude the grey goose, click for animation11 Gertrude the grey goose  G g

"Gorgeous", gabbled the geese gaily.
"Just take a gander at the grass, the gazanias and the gladioli!"
"It's a glorious place", the guineafowl agreed.
The gaggle of geese that had got away from the grim magician was now grazing together in a glade some way away. Some geese were gabbling gently and looking for grasshoppers or grains to eat.
Others groomed their feathers and got them into good order.
Gertrude the goose had gulped and gabbled enough. She gave a great gaping yawn and decided to have a midday nap. She snuggled her head under her wing. So she wasn't on her guard against the guileful magician, who had been greasing his way closer.
Hidden behind a green bush he gazed with a grin at the victim of his next trick.

Giggle, goggle, gluttony! Gertrude goose, become a G!


A goose didn't have to be gullible to be caught by this aggravating wizard. Now there was a grey G lying in the grass!
"Good, now we have eleven letters," gloated the magician gleefully.


O K Z A M    B T P L Q

Gibble, gabble, Gertrude goose
A grim magician on the loose.
Goodness gracious gosh oh gee
You're turned into a magic G!

Gackerliese Graugans

Cape Grassbird Helmeted Guineafowl
Cape Grassbird and Helmeted Guineafowl by Jill Adams

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