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rejoiced young John, drinking jasmine tea in the Jones's garden.
Julia, the junior member of the family, was his jewel and his joy.
She had just said yes, she'ld marry him in July!
Just then, Julia saw the wizard.
"Oh jiminee, my John's going to be magicked away!"
Julia and John were not in jeopardy, however. Zettelwitz had played his joke on them last January
and a person could only be jinxed once in a year. It was a matter of magic law and justice.
But the family did have something which our sorcerer was interested in: a pet jay from Africa.
Jojo the jay was jigging about on the shoulder of Julia's jacket and jabbering in her ear.
I'm afraid he jabberd and jeerd all the time, from January to June and back again to January.
It would be a big relief for everyone if he gave it a rest occasionally.
Doing someone a favour for once, Zettelwitz enchanted the jay:

Jambalaya, Jamboray! Jojo Jay, become a J!

Jojo the jay jiggled and joggled and was soon a silent J!
"Jolly good, that makes twelve." They all were tickled pink.

O K Z A M    B T P L Q

Yikes! Oh jeepers creepers! No!
The wizard's played his jape on Jo!
The jovial jay has jeered his last
His jabbering days are in the past.

Jojo Jodelbartvogel

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