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"Cool!chuckled Julia. The whole clan was pleased.
In this charming enchanter, they had finally found someone to make Jojo cease his cacophonous calling.
They all thought he was very clever with his spell casting.
"Do take a seat on the couch", cajoled Carola, Julia's mother.
She fetched a bottle of champagne from the kitchen and asked the cook to prepare another porc cutlet for dinner.
The champagne cheered everyone up considerably.
Zettelwitz combed the room with his calculating look.
There was a Chinese vase on the coffee table with chrysanthemums in it.
Curious! There was a tail like a little curlicue moving in there!
"Do you have any other pets?" Zettelwitz asked.
"Oh yes", replied Carola with a laugh. "Two cats and two dogs and, of course, our Carlo!
Can you see the chameleon on the chrysanthemum? He catches flies there sometimes."
Now, the family might be more critical of this next change, but Zettelwitz couln't rest until his collection was complete.
He called:

Chicory and Coral tree! Curly Carl, become a C!


Carlo Chameleon wasn't going to catch any more flies for a while. He'd been changed into a C!
Everybody found this very comical and they couldn't but chortle, including the confiding chat collecting insects close by!
"10 and 3 makes 13", cackled Zettelwitz. "A lucky number."


O K Z A M    B T P L Q

All curled up among the plants
Carlo, you never had a chance.
At least for you it's nothing new:
Keeping still is what you to do.

Carlo Chamäleon

Familiar Chat  by Jill Adams
Familiar Chat by Jill Adams

Flower of Erythrina - Photo by Rosie
Flower of Coral Tree (Erythrina)

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