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König Kalinkos modernes Domizil      Hoppelhas
King Kalinko's modern home (Watercolour: Hérine Fourie)

1 Otto Hop  O o

Otto Hop, click for animationOtto was hopping through King Kalinko's large gardens on his way to a patch of cabbage and carrots.
His friend Kalinko had planted them there especially for him and the rabbit was allowed to eat as much as he wanted.
Overhead, the sun was shining through the leaves of an olive tree and an oriole was singing.
What a wonderful morning! Otto nibbled at some zesty oxalis flowers. He was overflowing with joy. Only for how long?
Someone was hiding behind the oleander bush, waiting for an opportunity, a tall man with black hair and beard and a large nose.
It was the odious sorcerer Zettelwitz (also called Zed).
He'd been observing the rabbit for a long time. Whatever had he got in mind?
A cloud rolled over the sun, the bird flew away. Zettelwitz came out from behind the bush.
Otto opened his eyes wide. Could this be an official of the king? he wondered. Or an old friend?
The wizard grinned ominously, and raised his magic wand in a way that boded no good!
Otto wanted to hop away, but he was too slow.
Zettelwitz stopped him with some very odd words:

Okra, poker, polkadot! Otto Hop, become an O!


Otto goggled, his ears came off and then - he was gone. Where he had cowered a moment ago, there was now only an oval O!
The wizard had changed Otto into his first letter!
"Oh, what a lovely ornament! You're the first letter in my collection", gloated Zettelwitz.

Otto Hoppy, Otto Hop
Now without your ears on top.
There's an O where flowers grow.
Whatever happened, Hoppy-O?

Otto Hoppelhas

Maskenpirol by Jill Adams
Black-headed Oriole Jill Adams

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