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König Kalinko, anklicken für Animation2 King Kalinko  K k

King Kalinko was sitting at the window eating cake and drinking coffee.
Beside him snuggled his two kittens, Kasper and Kitty, having a nap.
He was a kind old man, but very determined. You could see that by the way he stuck out his chin.
King Kalinko blinked. Wasn't the little rabbit there a moment ago? All he could see now was an O!
Suddenly, it became as clear as sparkling crystal. No puzzle there. His old enemy the wizard was up to his pranks again.
"That's the last straw!" Kalinko smacked his cup down on the table so hard it almost cracked.
The clatter woke the kittens. They hooked their claws and crooked their backs.
"I'll kick the knave out of my kingdom", growled the king.
He hurried off to fetch his sword, and stormed outside.
Zettelwitz was hiding, but his hat stuck out from behind a knobbly oak.
In the tree, a Klaas's Cuckoo was calling as if mocking.
Kalinko charged with his sword raised.
Chuckling, the wizard cracked his knuckles. A sneak attack!
The magic wand only had to touch the king's sword to knock it out of his hand.

Knick-knack, crick and crack! King, become a K!
cackled the wizard


King Kalinko had been changed into his first letter, too.
"OK, I've got two letters now", Zettelwitz joked. "There's O and K - so Kalinko make way!"

O   K
Klaas's Cuckoo

It really is a knavish thing
To make a knick-knack of a king!
No kidding, Zettel has a knack.
After that trick he'd best make tracks!

König Kalinko

Klaas's Cuckoo by Jill Adams

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