Dach, click for animation20 Damaged roof  D d

Dark smoke drifted out of the door and made the daylight dim.
Bits of the roof were dropping down, making a din.
But luckily all the birds had made a dash in time through the windows and doors.
"That dastardly wizard!" The doves and drongos got into a huddle to discuss the disaster.
But just then three dingos from the next enclosure darted around the corner.
"It's too hot in our den! We need a new home!" "So do we", quacked a duck.
"Well, now he's demolished it, we're not going to let this wizard dodge out of redecorating this house! We'll just have to dog him until he does something decent for once", panted the dingos.
Zettelwitz had been keeping his head down, but he was not far away. He'd ducked down into a ditch. He thought to himself deviously: That damaged roof's on crooked. If I could drag it off, it would stand on its end and look like a D.
No use dallying, I'll do it directly!

Blunder, dumb-bell, dungaree! Damaged roof, become a D!


The roof dangled for a moment then fell leaning against the wall - in the shape of a D!
"That makes twenty letters, four times five", said Zettelwitz breething deeply.

O K Z A M    B T P L Q
G J C E W    V N I F D

At last the damaged roof drops down.
Zettelwitz, without a frown
Changes it into a D
And once again gets off scot-free.

Drollige Domino


Fork-tailed Drongo  Laughing Dove and Cape Turtle-Dove
Fork-tailed Drongo, Laughing Dove and Cape Turtle-Dove by Jill Adams

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