21 House  H h

Click for Animation  Haariger Heiko"Hey ho, I've had a heavy hour or so!"
The heartless wizard was highly pleased with himself. He was hungry now and wanted to go home.
Did he really think that the animals would let him sling his hook without hauling him back
to see the havoc his handiwork had caused? "Halt!" howled Heiko the hairy hound (say High-ko).
"We'll keep on hassling you until you turn this heap back into a house!"
Zettelwitz was still hoping he could hurry away, but now all the animals were in hot pursuit.
Honeybees were humming around his head and stinging. A heron and a hamerkop were pecking at his heels.
"You hooligan, we'll have the hide off you", howled a hyena, biting his hindquarters.
The magician stumbled and dropped his magic wand and a horse put his hoof on it.
All hot and with his hair in a mess the wizard held his hands up. "Hold it, I surrender!"
"Then use your hocus-pocus to magic a handsome new house for the birds!" called a hoopoe.
Full of hope Heiko handed Zettelwitz the wand. The house was just a hollowed-out hulk, a harrowing skeleton. It looked like an H! Zettel did not hesitate:

Hickle, hackle hexer-hut! House, become an H!


That horror of a wizard had turned the house into an H!
"Hurray, twenty-one letters!"
O K Z A M    B T P L Q
G J C E W    V N I F D

A hazardous and heavy quest
To make this hothead stop his jests!
It's with a heavy heart I say
Their hopes in him were lost today.


Black-headed Heron  Hamerkop  African Hoopoe
Black-headed Heron, Hamerkop and African Hoopoe
by Jill Adams

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