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24 Susie Sea-lion  S s

"Strange", sighed Zettelwitz the wizard.
"I was starving, but now my appetite seems to have gone missing. My magic seems to have lost its sparkle, too."
Zettelwitz felt very sad thinking of Ronja. Perhaps he should turn his sweetheart back straight away?
That didn't sound very sensible. Surely she'd give him the cold shoulder! Anyway, he couldn't risk it.
The king and the animals had just stumbled upon the R and they were seething with anger.
So this sorcerer, once so self-confident, sneaked sorrowfully past the sea-lion pool.
He scratched his head for a way to make Ronya see him in a new light.
Suddenly he snapped out of it:
"Simple! I'll start by setting the birdhouse to rights. I'll build a splendid new house, better than it was before.
Ronya will love it!" "Super", sang a Malachite Sunbird, "it will be a great success."
But as soon as the old spell-weaver saw the sea-lions, he set his sights on a new letter.
Susie the sea-lion was sitting by the side of the pool and playing with a sea-cucumber,
which she balanced on her snout.
"She's the same shape as an S! Should I or shouldn't I? - too late, I did", he sniggered.

Sissy, sister, sassiest! Susie sweet, become an S!


Instead of Susie, there was an S sitting there, silent and still!

"Sorry", said Zettelwitz. "I'll soon have you back to yourself.
Still, you're my 24th letter."

O K Z A M    B T P L Q
G J C E W    V N I F D

Susie Sea-lion, sleek and swift,
The wizard saw you as a gift
Sized up his unsuspecting prey.
See sense, Zed, that is not the way!

Susie Seehund

Malachite Sunbird
Malachite Sunbird by Jill Adams

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