Schwarze Schlangen, click for animation25 Three Snakes

"It's shocking", the swallows screeched. "Now this scoundrel has enchanted our Susie!"
They sped across the sea-lion pool. "You should be ashamed", they scolded.
"Look, there she is", the wizard soothed.
"It's a swizzle! That's not Susie!"
But it was true. Susie had only been turned into her first letter for a short time.
With a sweep of her tail, she dived into the pool.
"Very slick", she laughed. "I love a joke!"
Now the little pigs had woken up. They squeaked:
"We don't believe it! Does this scoundrel decide to be nice all of a sudden?"
"Watch out - I might decide to magick you too", joked the magician.
The three black snakes who were the guardians of the zoo heard him. They must protect the little pigs!
"Don't worry, we'll stop him", they hissed. Softly, they came slithering out of the shadows.
One of them wound round the wizard's right arm, so he couldn't use his magic wand.
The other grabbed his left hand, and the third twined round his ankles. He couldn't do much about it.
"Tell the others that we've caught the old schemer! He won't be snatching anyone else", hissed the snakes.

No magic spell! No terrible crash and flash!

The wizard was silent: he was stuck for now. To be foiled so close to success! Or maybe not?

Hissing, slithering, sliding snakes
Don't let go for all our sakes!
The wizard's captured at a stroke.
These snakes don't understand a joke!

Schwarze Schlangen

Lesser Striped and Greater Striped Swallow
               Lesser Striped and Greater Striped Swallow by Jill Adams

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