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26 Xavier and Yvonne   X x   Y y

The wizard was still missing an X andY.
"I'm foxed! I'll have to axe the whole thing", Zettelwitz groaned.
"It's inexplicable! I've tried x number of times to find someone to change into an X or a Y. I just can't do it!"
"You won't be exerting yourself any more today, anyway", said Phyllis the python with a yawn.
She had wound herself around the wizard to give her friends a break.
The python looked into his eyes to hypnotize him.
"For the rest of today, you will do only useful magic", she commanded.
"Don't tax me with that - I wasn't going to do anything bad anyway", said Zettelwitz, vexed.
"That's the exact truth", agreed Susie and Sylvia Sea-lion.
"Surely you could find lots of people in Persia or France whose names begin with X or Y", Sylvia puzzled.
"I can't change a Mr X and Mrs Y into their first letters just because their first names are Xerxes and Yvonne.
Rule Sixty-Six of the Wizard's Code says that I can only do that if they look like an X and a Y."
"It's a complex problem", said the ibex.
"You should look in Xaxaba for a Xavier with legs that stick out like the bottom half of an X!"
"Or a yak with legs like a Y", joked the hyena.
"Zettelwitz", sighed King Kalinko, "can't you be flexible?
An expert like you doesn't have to find a couple of extra people to exchange for letters!"
"Wait a minute, you're right - it really is extraordinarily easy.
I can conjure up a nice Xavier and a cute Yvonne for you", replied Zettelwitz.
"If you're spinning us a yarn again, we'll exile you to Xanadu", warned the king.
"Your Excellency, I promise not to harm anyone else. No excuses this time . . ."
Zettelwitz lifted his magic wand. They heard the sound of a xylophone, as an X and a Y appear.
That's not all that appeared - suddenly a boy and a girl were standing there looking perplexed.
"Did you come from Xaxaba?" Kalinko asked.
"No", said Xavier. "A moment ago we were in Ysterfontein!"

Now Zettelwitz really did have all the letters.
"5 times 5 plus 1 equals 26", he said, well pleased, "What a relief!"

O K Z A M    B T P L Q
G J C E W    V N I F D
H R S U X     Y

Xavier and his friend Yvonne
Are just in time to join the fun.
They're X and Y, so all was sorted
They weren't transformed, only transported!

Xaver und Yvonne


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