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3 Zettelwitz the wizard   Z z

For Zettelwitz, the zest of the game had reached its zenith, now he had cut that killjoy of a king down to size! He grinned to himself breezily.
"You'll just have to muzzle your zeal for a while, Kalinko!"
Zettelwitz was ready to continue. His plan was to change any suitable creature he came across into its first letter. He wanted to magic his way through the entire alphabet, from A to Z!
"Time to seize another prize for my zoo!" he announced. Zistensänger
A bird was zitting in a tree.
"You haven't got a Z yet." buzzed the wand.
Zettelwitz was looking at the bird and then at the zucchinis, zinnias and zantedeschias (say zante-DECK-yas).
"No, they are not suitable", he decided, "they need to resemble a Z".
"Why don't you try magicking yourself for a change, Zed", suggested the wand winking.
"What a zany idea! Why not, indeed", laughed the wizard.
He knelt down assuming a zigzag stance pointing the wand forward and whispered this spell:

Zauberer Zettelwitz, click for animation
Zither, zephyr, zebra-net - Zettelwitz, become a Z!


From his wizard's hat to his wizened toes, Zettelwitz had changed himself into a Z !
That wasn't very clever of him, since now he couldn't do any wizarding or count any further than zero.
Never mind, the enchantment would be wearing out after 100 hours, anyway.
Zettelwitz was the third letter: one, two, three.
O   K    Z

It really is quite a surprise
What Zettelwitz does for a prize.
Amazing where his zeal has led
This wizard of the A to Z.

Zauberer Zettelwitz

Bird: Zitting Cisticola by Jill Adams

Zantedeschia (Calla)
By Klara Jaros

Photo by Florian Breuer

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