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Anna Maria, click for animation4   Anna Maria   A a

Anna Maria kept house for the king and made sure that the larder was amply filled.
She assisted the cook with meals and she did the shopping. That day, she was arranging Amaryllis lilies in the vases.
Ambling through the garden she heard a Bar-throated Apalis calling agitatedly in the acacia tree.
At the same moment she found the letters lying near the agapanthus border: an O, a K and a Z.
She had an idea what had happened here. Zettelwitz the wizard was always playing tricks on people.
There was his magic wand lying on the grass as well. As soon as she picked it up, it began to wave and to shake.
It was easy to see that the magic wand wanted to get back to the Z.
Oh dear! Alas!
The wand raced to its owner, landing on the Z - and changed it back to the wizard!
With an awful laugh Zettelwitz grabbed the wand.
"Well done Anna Maria, thank you very much! I'll soon have you in my collection too!"
Anna Maria was afraid.

Apples and apricots on the table - become an A as quick as you're able!


Alas, there was an A instead of Anna Maria!

""Audacity is the name of the game, now we've got our fourth letter!" announced the magician. "One, two, three, four."


Anna Maria, poor little you
That artful wizard caught you too.
Best get away before it's too late,
Don't stay around to tempt your fate.

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Bar-throated Apalis - Halsband-Feins\0xE4nger by Jill Adams
Halsband-Feinsänger - Bar-throated Apalis von Jill Adams

Amaryllis belladonna - Photo by Rosie
Amaryllis belladonna in Kalinko's garden

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