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Mampfimonster Maus, anklicken für Animation5 Munchy Monster the Mouse  M m

Munching Monster wasn't a monster, he was a mouse; a merry little mouse. He was Kalinko's friend too and often shared his meals. He also was allowed to pick as many macadamia and pecan nuts as he liked.
Munch got his name because he liked eating a lot. You won't be surprised to hear that he wasn't exactly meagre;
in fact Munch was a little too plump around the middle.
Munchy was sitting under a palm tree munching on his midday meal.
Mmmm! Mincemeat on mashed potatoes and milk-tart with cinnamon, the sight made his tummy rumble!
In the branches above him mousebirds were feeding on the dates and mossies kept watching the mouse hoping for titbits. A noisy and curious tit-babbler joined them to see what the commotion was about.
It was Munchy's misfortune to be noticed by a certain mighty magician hiding behind the tree.
"Must you devour every morsel you can cram into your mouth?"
the wizard muttered moodily. Without mercy, he murmured a magic spell:

Mollycoddle, mammoth mouse - Munch, become an M!


In the next moment, Munch wasn't a mouse any more, he was an M !
"You're my fifth letter", said Zettelwitz, humming to himself,"one, two, three, four, five, today I caught a mouse alive."


Munch with marmalade on your paw
You won't be munching any more.
From now on, mouse, you must sit straight.
Maybe you'll even lose some weight.

Mampfimonster Maus

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Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler, Cape Sparrow (Mossie) and White-backed, Red-faced and Speckled Mousebird
by Jill Adams

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