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Barbara was bending over the baking oven to bring out the bread and biscuits she had just baked.
Like Munch, she was a bit on the broad side. Her blue blouse billowed out over her bosom and her bright apron
bulged over her belly. She went out onto the balcony to call Munch in.
But what was that moving about? Her beady eye spotted the wizard before he bobbed down behind a Bauhinia bush.
"So", breathed Barbara, "that barbarian's back to his usual bad behaviour?"
She ran out into the garden. When she found the letters of the alphabet lying by the flowerbed, she began to grasp
what had happened. How can I break the spell? she wondered. Perhaps I can befuddle the brute.
She picked up a pebble, tossed it into the bushes and - unwittingly - flushed out a Bokmakierie. This was very lucky for the batis family: their nest remained undiscovered!
Zettelwitz thought he could hear something clambering about. He put the magic wand down to scramble through the bush.
This was what Barbara had been hoping for. She dashed to the magic wand, picked it up, took it to the K,
touched the letter and - hey presto! - Kalinko was standing in front of her!
"Bravo, Barbara", cried the king. "Come back with me to my treasury for a beautiful bounty!"
Kalinko hurried away, but Barbara wanted to free the others, too. She all but managed to do it.
But then Zettelwitz rushed back. His wand went bounding back to him like a ball. He bellowed:

Bibble, bubble, bumblebee - Barbara, become a B!


Barbara began to blink and shrink until she was suddenly a blue B
"Barbara, you old busybody, now you're in the bag, too and number six", bantered Zettelwitz.

O K Z A M    B

Bobble, babble, baking day
The baker was bewitched away
Barbara, could you please return
Before the bread and biscuits burn!

Barbara  deutsch

Cape Batis by Jill Adams   Bokmakierie by Jill Adams
Cape Batis and Bokmakierie by Jill Adams

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