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The tower where the treacherous wizard lived lay in a trackless part of Table Mountain. Tall thin trees grew there.
Trolls and troublesome imps tramped through the shadows. Beyond the troubled waters of a tarn grew a thicket of thorn trees.
A Spotted Eagle-Owl hooted near the tower, a Water Thick-knee tiptoed at the water's edge and
a Little Bittern hunted in the reeds scaring the toads.
Zettelwitz the wizard was hurrying home. He was terribly angry because the king had escaped. He opened the door with a clatter
and trod heavily up the stairs to the top of the tower, where he poured himself a drink.
He sat at the table and stared at his tot of tequila. From time to time he tipped some more out of the bottle.
How can I stop the king pestering me? He wondered. I'll just have to work better and faster on those transformations.
His tower could be seen from a long way away. The turrets on top made it look like a T and the tipsy wizard decided to try another trick.
He tottered towards his magic wand. The wand could tell what its master had in mind.
"Don't be silly! You won't have anywhere to live!"
"That's enough of your tomfoolery, you twittering twig", muttered Zettelwitz.

Tittle, tattle, utter twaddle - Tower, must become a T!


The tower had tumbled down, and all that was left were the stairs and a T !
"Tell me how many letters I've got now!"
"Seven, answered the aggravated wand.
Zed trilled mockingly: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - little angels live in heaven.
I'll sleep under the open sky. Good night, my dear, good bye!"

O K Z A M    B T

Toppling this tower can't be right
Where will old Zettel sleep tonight?
He took a wrong turn on his trail,
A tippling wizard - a tragic tale!


Spotted Eagle-Owl Tüpfelsumpfhuhn - Spotted Crake  Wassertriel -  Water Thick-knee
Spotted Eagle-Owl, Spotted Crake and Water Thick-knee
by Jill Adams

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