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Pusteblume, click for animation8 Puffball the Dandelion clock  P p

"Piffle and pestilence,"
puffed the wizard. Rain poured down on his pate. Well, he hadn't even left himself a porch to nap in.
He had a pain in his back that wouldn't leave him in peace. If only he hadn't felt so parched yesterday evening!
Zettelwitz picked up his wand, plodded through a puddle and pottered up the steps in his wet slippers.
"No problem", prattled the wand, "I'll magic you dry and then I'll make some pancakes for breakfast.
That will do you a power of good. Then we can plan our day."
"As soon as the rain is over I will perform a prodigious number of transformations", proclaimed the wizard.
"The zoo is the perfect place. But I'd better keep a sharp lookout, or Kalinko might put a stop to my plans."
On the way to the animal park, there was a pole with a plank nailed to it, with a pointing finger and the word ZOO.
A little prinia was sitting on the plank piping loudly. A Purple Heron stepped quietly behind some bushes.
The path led along a creek through a carpet of poppies, pelargoniums and dandelion clocks.
Zettelwitz picked one and puffed on it, like this: ppphew! Lots of little seeds flew away like parachutes. Only half of the little puffball was left.
"Perfect", Zed chuckled to himself, "it looks like a P!"

Palaver, pavlova, pepper tree - Puffball must become a P!


The puffball was promptly turned into a P !
"8 letters, 5 plus 3", purred the wizard pleased with himself.
O K Z A M    B T P

Poppycock, dandelion clock,
This plant is now a P.
I thought I heard a raindrop plop,
What's happened to poor me?


Karoo Prinia Purple Heron
Karoo Prinia and Purple Heron by Jill Adams

Pelargonium cucullatum - Photo by Rosie
Pelargonium cucullatum

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