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Klaus Breuer: Resume

Klaus Breuer: Resume


Born on the 23rd of April, 1968 in Saskatoon, Canada. I grew up bilingually - my father was Professor in Canada and the USA, joined the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, and was a scientist in South Africa. Thus I moved many times (including five years on a sailing boat), and was on eleven schools.

I have been programming since 1981, and commercially since 1984 -- my first project was for the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Cape Town.

During my first semester at university my book on BASIC was published, but by then Turbo Pascal had appeared. The university computer club established by me was also more focused on Pascal and C.

In Germany I founded a consulting firm together with my brother, providing turnkey solutions to our customers (usually from scratch; design, demonstration, implementation, coding, training, manuals).

1998 I moved to Silicon Valley, California. After my TN-1 visa was not renewed, I spent some time in Vancouver, Canada. In April 2000 I was invited by a company in Munich.


* Finished school after only 11 years at the Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch, Republic of South Africa

* 10 years at three universities: Stellenbosch, Berlin, Erlangen. Vordiplom, University Erlangen, Germany. (US Equivalent of a AA in Geography with a CS minor)


* 22 years experience in commercial programming.

* Hardware: IBM PC, VAX 785, Apple II, C-64, ZX 81, ZX Spectrum, HP System 24, printer hardware, Mainframes (Sperry/Univac).

* Software: Turbo Pascal, Borland Pascal, Delphi (v.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,Turbo), BASIC, Visual Basic, C++, C#, HTML, SQL (Sybase, Interbase, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL), RDBMS, HTML, XML, PHP, RPC, SOAP, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2K/XP, MS-DOS, Linux (Redhat, Debian, SUSE, Gentoo), VMS, LaTeX, diverse toolkits.

Experience (sample)

* April 2000 - 2013} --- Munich, Germany
Working as a Senior Designer in the R\&D department for a software company. System design and implementation, future planning, communication, B2B systems, general research.
Wide variety of tools, including Delphi 7, Linux, Windows NT/W2K/XP, Firebird/Oracle/DB2 SQL, diverse internet communication modules (DCOM, XML, RPC, etc).

* December 98 - September 99} --- Decade Software Company, Fresno, California
Programmer/Analyst for software company.
System design and implementation, bug hunting, Sybase SQL C/S, Delphi 4.

* November 98 - November 99} --- Schuster Medical Systems, Forchheim, Germany
Customer needed a program to read data from an X-ray measuring system which is used in cancer therapy. The system requests data from an external measuring device, analyzes it, stores it in a SQL database, and displays it in a variety of ways, amongst them a 3D net.
Designed complete system specifications and GUI. Programmed the system, tested it on-site at several clinics, demonstrated it, and wrote both programmer and user handbooks.
Tools: Windows 95/NT, Delphi, SQL.

* January 96 - July 96, July 98 - September 98} --- Siemens AG, Erlangen
Localized the CATS/NT vehicle test rig control system from German to English, modified the program to switch between several languages under user control, diverse software modifications.
Tools: Windows 95/NT, Visual Basic.

* December 97 - February 98} --- Vorrath Küchenstudios, Erlangen, Germany
Wrote a production planning system to customer specifications. Program is to be sold in Germany. As per specs, I delivered a flexible solution by providing both 16-bit and 32-bit programs to reach a broad user base.
Provided training and a users manual.
Tools: Windows 3.1, Delphi 1, Windows 98, Delphi 3.

* January 90 - September 98} --- MBS GmbH \& Co. KG, Berlin, Germany
Created a fully-interlinked, complete enterprise solution handling an entire business.
Tasks ranged from stock control, banking, sales and communications, to billing, sales analysis, statistics and general data storage. The system grew from a single-user program (MS-DOS, Borland Pascal) to a complete solution running on a network of 8 PCs (Windows 95, Delphi 3).
Furthermore, I integrated modem communication capabilities into the product to allow data interchange between remote stations. Provided extensive support, training and handbooks.
Tools: MS-DOS, Windows 95, Borland Pascal, Delphi, SQL.

* {1990s} --- Teaching in the ex-DDR, Germany
Had several short-term (one, two weeks) contracts holding courses for adults in East Germany (retraining after The Wall fell): Programming, Mathematics, Word Processing and Spreadsheets. This included creating written documentation and handbooks.

* January 92 - January 94} --- Stellenbosch Scientific Instruments CC, Stellenbosch, South Africa
As Chief Programmer, I designed and implemented most of the PROTEUS system, which simulates several proton beams in human tissue (reading the data directly off CT scanners), and is used in cancer therapy. Data was read from CT scanners, and multiple dosage distributions calculated in human tissue. I also demonstrated the system extensively to end users (England, France, Germany, South Africa).
Even in 2006 this system has not aged particularly: a dosage calculation required approximately 15 seconds (on a Pentium 60), with an accuracy of 1 mm.
Tools: MS-DOS, Borland Pascal


* BASIC-Fibel (B.I. Wissenschaftsverlag, Germany)
* MechWar (successful Shareware strategy game, Internet)
* The (Un)official Duke Nukem 3D Editing FAQ (Internet, on v1.3 game CD)
* The Unofficial Unreal Editing FAQ (Internet)


* German (fluid)
* English (fluid)
* Afrikaans (understanding)
* Spanish (currently learning)


* Karate
* Sailing (lived 5 years on a sailing yacht)
* Writing
* Cats



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