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Zettelwitz the wizard - click for contents

For Hans, Klaus, Hannes and Florian
and Karla Börjesson.

Zauberer Zettelwitz

Rosemarie Breuer

This is the story of a wizard with an unusual way of collecting things. Here it is, the book, Zauberer Zettelwitz - Table Mountain Wizard
in German and English
, with more languages and versions for different areas of the globe to follow.

Zettelwitz the wizard
is a crafty sorcerer, who likes to transform unfortunate creatures and things into their capital letters. However, magic rules require that they somehow resemble the letter. Zettelwitz is fanatical about collecting the whole alphabet. He does not get away with it easily, as some of his victims put up a fight. They chase him, catch him and beat him up, but he manages to escape more than once. Zettelwitz is in love with beautiful Ronya - so how will all this end?
Here is an exciting story, which you will find captivating - no matter your age. It is mainly intended as a fairy tale, but it has an educational bias (I use the alphabet as a thread of the story and each letter gets its own page) and could be used in schools.

Do you know that you are doing your children a favour by reading them texts with an unusual vocabulary? Even a two-year old toddler has the ability to learn 10 new words a day, no matter how long or out of the ordinary - they take them in their stride, in fact they prefer them to simple words.

Rosemarie Breuer
is looking for a publisher.
Rosemarie is also hoping to find authors who use the texts as a basis for puppet shows, children's theatre or an animated film.
In the meantime you can buy her creations as a CD Rom and as good quality one or two-language books.

Rosie studied Romance Languages and Linguistics (Latin, French and Spanish) and works as a book illustrator and web designer.
One of her books was voted "One of the most beautiful books" by the 'Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels':
She is married to a scientist and author of some 20 scientific books, Hans Breuer. They have three sons, Klaus, Hannes and Florian and a grandchild, Ronja.
Rosie's book, Stellenbosch Writers, was published in 2005 in South Africa.
She and her husband are currently working on another book: Segeln mit Piff und Mauz - 5 Jahre an Bord SY Kajen

Some background:
Im SalonThe family fulfilled their dream of travelling the seas on board of their own yacht for five years. During that time, Rosie invented the first Zettelwitz stories, and when Klaus & Hannes turned five and four, they learned to read, write and count fluently within 6 months, with no more than 1 1/2 hours of play school per day.

Rosie rewrote the stories only recently, making a completely new book with play on words, allusions to poems and songs the children learned and sometimes using a funny imitation of the solemn rhythm of the poet Schiller. She also introduced local birds and plants into the stories.
The protagonists of the book are members of the Breuer family and some of their pets and 2 friends.

Thank you
very much, indeed, to all who helped me with advice, suggestions and proof-reading. I am grateful to Karla Börjesson for the idea. Hans encouraged me to turn these stories into a book (an ongoing process over many years). Our sons had good ideas and suggestions and especially Klaus helped actively by turning it all into a special edition as a photo book for the family. The books were shown around to teachers, doctors and friends, and I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback of so many kind people I don't even know personally.
Thank you, Alison, for your brilliant translation into English and the interesting co-operation! And thank you, Jill Adams, for granting permission to include your bird paintings.
I am also very grateful to Sinclair Wynchank for corrections, comments and the boost to my morale.

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