Zettelwitz the wizard - contents

1 Otto Hop
Otto Hoppy, Otto Hop
Without any ears on top.
Now an O where flowers grow,
Whatever happened, Hoppy-o?

3 Zettelwitz the wizard
It really is quite a surprise
What Zettelwitz does for a prize.
Amazing where his zeal has led
This wizard of the A to Z.

5 Munching Monster the Mouse
Munch with marmalade on your paw
You won't be munching any more.
From now on, mouse, you must sit straight.
Maybe you'll even lose some weight.

7 Tower
Toppling this tower can't be right
Where will old Zettel sleep tonight?
He took a wrong turn on his trail,
A tippling wizard a tragic tale!

9 Lovely Lily
Lovely lily near the lake,
you lost your bloom in Zettel's wake.
There's just one leaf left on your stem,
we hope that you will grow again!

11 Gertrude the grey goose
Gibble, gabble, Gertrude goose
A grim magician on the loose.
Goodness gracious gosh oh gee
You're turned into a magic G!

13 Carlo Chameleon
All curled up among the plants
Carlo, you never had a chance.
At least for you it's nothing new:
Keeping still is what you like to do.

15 Wispy cloud
White cloud so still up in the sky
Well, we don't have to wonder why!
It should waft on its windy way.
When will that guy call it a day?

17 Norbert
Norbert, next time, use your noddle!
No use to us your getting nobbled.
It's best to nap with open eyes
When there's a magic wand nearby.

19 Flame
Flickering, ferocious flames,
The wizard used you for his games.
Thanks to his fierce transforming fad
The fire wasn't quite so bad.

21 House
A hazardous and heavy quest
To make this hothead stop his jests!
It's with a heavy heart I say
Their hopes in him proved hollow today.

23 Udo Bubo
Udo owl is in a huff
Zettelwitz has had enough:
I've an unusual use for you!
He left poor Udo as a U.

25 Three Snakes
Hissing, slithering, sliding snakes
Don't let go for all our sakes!
The wizard's captured at a stroke
These snakes don't understand a joke!

27 Surprise
Now our wizard's made amends,
Everyone comes and brings their friends
From miles around, amazed to see
Zettelwitz charm the ABC.

2 King Kalinko
It really is a knavish thing
To make a knick-knack of a king!
No kidding, Zettel has a knack.
After that trick he'd best make tracks!

4 Anna Maria
Anna Maria, poor able you
That artful wizard caught you too.
Best get away before it's too late,
Don't stay around to await your fate.

6 Barbara
Bibble, babble, baking day
The baker was bewitched away
Barbara, could you please return
Before the bread and biscuits burn!

8 Puffball
Poppycock, dandelion clock,
This plant is now a P.
I thought I heard a raindrop plop,
What happened to poor me?

10 Quentin frog
Quentin, by your quiet stream
Enchanted, you can't leave the scene.
The wizard quipped, I need some quiet!
Because a Q was now required.

12 Jojo the jay
Yikes! Oh jeepers creepers! No!
The wizard's played his jape on Jo!
The jovial jay has jeered his last.
His jabbering days are in the past.

14 Ellen the magpie
Elegant Ellen chanced to meet
A wizard who thought she'd look sweet
As an E high in the trees.
She'd rather fly around with ease!

16 Vivian vulture
Poor Vivian didn't volunteer
What? Venture down there? Never fear!
Too bad her flying was in vain,
Old Zettel has a deadly aim.

18 Iris Ibis
Iris Ibis tried to fly,
But Zettelwitz was just too sly.
That wicked wizard hid nearby,
His index now includes an I.

20 Damaged roof
At last the damaged roof drops down.
Zettelwitz, without a frown
Changes it into a D,
And once again gets off scot-free.

22 Red Ronya
Transforming Ronya leaves me saddened
I really rather wish I hadn't.
Perhaps I should rethink my plan
and show that I'm a reformed man!

24 Susie Sea-lion
Susie Sea-lion, sleek and swift,
The wizard saw you as a gift
Sized up his unsuspecting prey.
See sense, Zed, that is not the way!

26 Xavier and Yvonne
Xavier and his friend Yvonne
Are just in time to join the fun.
They're X and Y, so all is sorted
They weren't transformed, only transported!

ALPHABET - Alphabet
A B C D E F G Now the letters are set free,
H I J K L M N From A to Z and back again.
O P Q R S T U And I'll sleep the whole night through,
V W X Y Z With Ronya on a feather bed.

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