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Rock Kestrel (Rooifalkie)
Rock Kestrel
Falco rupicolus  Kransvalk

Jill Adams's Birds

from Richard Liversidge,
The Birds Around us

More of her paintings at StellenboschBirds.com
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Jill Adams was born in Durban in 1932. She first published botanical paintings in
Flowering Plants of the Northern Cape, when she worked in the art department of the Mc Gregor Museum in Kimberley.
She became well known for her Aloe paintings, before she also turned to birds and illustrated The Birds around us.
She lived for many years in Helderberg Village, Somerset West, where she died on 28 July 2016.

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Spotted Eagle-Owl
Spotted Eagle-Owl
Bubo africanus  Gevlekte Ooruil

Piet-my-vrouDiderick CuckooKlaas's Cuckoo
Red-chested Cuckoo
Cuculus solitarius  Piet-my-vrou
Diderick Cuckoo
Chysococcyx caprius
Klaas's Cuckoo
Chysococcyx klaas  Meitjie
Crowned PloverCape RobinPied Barbet
Crowned Lapwing
Vanellus coronatus  Kroonkiewiet
Cape Robin-Chat
Cossypha caffra  Gewone Janfrederik
Acacia Pied Barbet
Trycholaema leucomelas  Bonthoutkapper
Malachite Sunbird
Southern Double-collared Sunbird
Malachite Sunbird
Nectarinia famosa  Jangroentjie
Southern Double-Collared Sunbird
Cinnyris chalibeus  Klein-rooibandsuikerbekkie
Cape Sparrow
Passer melanurus  Gewone Mossie
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