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Author's Cats

Riana with her cellarcat

Authors's Dogs

Cora Coetzee's Collie

Birds:    More Bird galleries

Cape Robin      Southern Masked-Weaver
Jill Adams's Birds       Fritz Weaver - Fritz Webervogel
Our Garden

The Bruynzeel House is a work of artThe Gable of  Groot Idas Valley
Rosie Breuer's photos of
Landmark House
Stellenbosch University campusDeon de Villiers'
photos of Bruynzeel House
Willem Malherbe' s
Photos of Stellenbosch
Ou Hoofgebou
Hérine Fourie's paintings
Hannes Meiring's Gables
A collection of six drawings


The Fynbos Art of Dorothy Dodds (1897 - 1980)
- superb watercolours from her rediscovered sketchbooks.
Brunsvigia bosmaniae
Wildflowers of the Western Cape

Gladiolus carneus
Bob Werra's Flowers

Leucospermum cordifolium
Rosie's Garden

Garden flowers by Wally Friedrich
Erica curviflora
Ted Oliver's Ericas

Clivia miniata (pastels)
Jim Holmes's Flowers

more photos needed!
Spectacular trees
Jill Adams
Laurens Barnard
Cora Coetzee
Dorothy Dodds
Hérine FouriePeter Höhsl
Hannes Meiring
Wally Friedrich

My vrede gee Ek julle
Trienke Laurie

Inge Oliver's Botanical illustrations
Colleen Schwager - Köppe
Frikkie Snijman

Click for more sculptures
W E G Louw
Sculpture (bronze) by Nell Kaye

Stalking cheetah
Dylan Lewis' Sculptures

Chameleon on
Ceropegia saundersii
Photo by Jim Holmes

Photo by Rosie
Bluegum (Eucalyptus)
in Ryneveld Street

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