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March 2005: 7 March 2005:
The first copies of Stellenbosch Writers
arrived from the printers!
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April 2022:

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Rosemarie Breuer, Zettelwitz in Oz with birds of Australia

August 2022:

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Rosemarie Breuer, Zettelwitz in Europa
Taunus Mountain Wizard

Book cover deutsch-english20 October 2010:
Publisher   Publisher
I started my own publishing with a special edition of Zettelwitz
The Zettelwitz books are available as bi-lingual books.
Kindle versions in German and English:
Zauberer Zettelwitz vom Tafelberg
Zettelwitz the Table Mountain Wizard

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Reviews by Francois Verster and b. k. green
Printed by the exellent Digi4Print team in Cape Town.

Rosie Breuer

Rosemarie Breuer

Publisher of Nature books for children and special editions in small print runs
Book Illustrator and Web Designer
Author of Stellenbosch Writers and children's books

Born on 2.12.1943 near Berlin, Rosemarie (Rosie), née Berg, grew up in the Taunus Mountains near Wiesbaden, in Fischbach.
She studied Romance Languages - Latin, French and Spanish - in Paris, Munich, Frankfurt and Saskatoon (Canada) and took language courses at Seville University and UNISA, South Africa. The languages came handy during her travels. Languages: Afrikaans, English, French, German and Spanish. She reads some Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.
Rosie worked as a book illustrator, web designer and translator of English prose into German. She published a book, Stellenbosch Writers in 2005 and offers her children's books, Zettelwitz in German, English and Afrikaans (so far) as special bilingual editions and as e-books. The pictures of the first bi-lingual edition and some of the stories are also found online. More information and reviews.
By the way: Rosie is 'Barbara' in her Zettelwitz books.

Since 1967 Rosie was married to a scientist, Hans Breuer who died on 19 April 2020. They had three sons, Klaus (died on 30 April 2013), Hannes and Florian.
After their wedding they moved to Saskatoon in Canada, where Hans accepted a position as assistant professor of Physics at the University of Saskatchewan. Two years later they moved to Brownsville in Pennsylvania, USA.
Our beautiful yachtIn 1971 they fulfilled an old dream and bought a sailing yacht, built by a Dutch shipyard owner for himself - a beautiful 58 foot sloop. They enjoyed 5 magnificent years on board and stayed long wherever they felt happy:
Starting in Lisbon, Portugal, they sailed on to Spain, Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal, Gambia and crossed the Atlantik from Dakar to Martinique. They remained in the Antilles until 1976. Caribbean.
While on board teaching her young sons reading, she invented the first of her Zettelwitz stories.
Back in Europe they lived for a few years in Vienna and in Schloss Urschendorf, before they finally settled down in the most beautiful corner of the world: in Stellenbosch, South Africa in 1981, where they bought the beautiful Bruynzeel House
In 2014 Hans and Rosie moved to Somerset West.
Favourite quote: Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. (Groucho Marx)

Rosemarie started her 'Stellenbosch Culture' projects as a hobby, with the website and book, Stellenbosch Writers.


Stellenbosch Writers, 2005
Published as bi-lingual books:
Zauberer Zettelwitz - Table Mountain Wizard (German and English), A Rosie Breuer Book, 2010
Die Towenaar van Tafelberg - Table Mountain Wizard (Afrikaans - English), Ein Rosie Breuer Buch, 2011
Zettelwitz in Oz, April 2022
Zettelwitz in Europa - Taunus Mountain Wizard, August 2022

Because I love watching birds, Zettelwitz is a bird watcher, too. This childish wizard (and cruel as children can be) develops into a decent man, because he loves Ronja and finds to his astonishment that he feels much better being liked for his useful craft, than hated for his cruel jokes.
Reviews and feedback  Introduction and some background  

More versions of Zettelwitz for other regions of the world in preparation. More information on all versions
Kindle in German and English (3. edition, September 2013):
Zauberer Zettelwitz vom Tafelberg and Zettelwitz the Table Mountain Wizard

An outdated pirated pdf of Zettelwitz can be found all over the Net. Please do me the favour to compare it to the new version, bought from me or Kindle.

Limited editions:
(with Hans and Klaus) Segeln mit Piff und Mauz - 5 Jahre an Bord Kajen, 2008
Libyenreise 1969, 2009
(with Hans) Amerika 1967 -1971, Erinnerungen einer reiselustigen Familie, Ein Rosie Breuer Buch, 2012
Klaus die Frohnatur, Ein Rosie Breuer Buch, 2012

Book illustrations:
dtv Atlas ChemieOne of the books she illustrated won the prize of the
Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels:
One of the most beautiful books in Science 1983
  • Atlas Chemie, Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie
    dtv, München 1981
    10th edition 2004, translated into 9 languages
  • Atlas Chemie, Organische Chemie
    dtv, München, 1983 9th edition 2000, translated into 9 languages
  • Atlas Physik, Vol 1
    dtv, München, 1987
    6th edition 2000, translated into 9 languages
  • Atlas Physik, Vol 2
    dtv, München 1988
    6th edition 2000, translated into 9 languages
  • Atlas Informatik
    dtv, München, Germany, 1995
  • Zauberer Zettelwitz - Table Mountain Wizard, in German and English. Not only for children!

  • Websites:
    Some examples of my web designs: StellenboschWriters.com   LandmarkHouse  Zauberer Zettelwitz  Stellenbosch Artists
    StellenboschBirds.com  Cape Seed & Bulb  CalypsoReserve  Pethorn  Kali-katz  Digi4print  SchoolClusters

    Other Hobbies: Reading, travelling, watching birds and other wildlife, gardening, South African bulb flowers, snorkelling, pottery, poetry, web design and movies.
    Some favourite books:
    Die Abenteuer des Röde Orm,
    Anne Rasa, Mongoose Watch: A Family Observed
    Michael Fraser and Liz Mc Mahon, A Fynbos Year and Between Two Shores
    Gwen Fagan, Roses at the Cape of Good Hope, is a work of art.
    Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
    It's Not Rocket Science
    There is no excuse to be completely scientifically illiterate since there are excellent and entertaining popular science books.

    Rosie student at the Sorbonne 1967 Rosie student at the Sorbonne 1967
    Rosie student at the Sorbonne 1967    Rosie and Kabous Meiring launching the 2 first Zettelwitz books, Woordfees, 12. 3. 2011    My family


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